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The Rise of Technical Sustainable Partnerships in Sport

Charlotte Ellingham, Senior Account Manager

Right Formula Senior Account Manager, Charlotte Ellingham, reviews recent sustainability activations and how the power of sport can highlight and affect positive change – starting with rightsholders’ commercial partners.

Sport is a powerful vehicle that contributes to making a positive change. Whether creating a cultural shift that helps communities through technological innovations or simply inspiring a new generation through world class performances, each step results in a bigger and more influential impact which in turn creates a continuous positive chain of reactions.  

A scan of the news in recent months can attest to the urgency in which we need to make a change in our day to day lives, particularly when it comes to creating a greener and more sustainable future. This need for a more immediate long-term improvement in our society, aided by sport, is instrumental in making that significant difference. 

Some of the world’s most renowned sporting occasions embody this foresight already and continue to make strides in this area. Increasingly, sustainability is becoming a common theme as major sporting events and venues seek to actively promote not only their environmental efforts but also the improvements that they are making now that fans are back in the stadiums and arenas. 

This year the ATLEC, in partnership with the BBC, COP26 and the Met Office, introduced the first Environment Day at Wimbledon. Their aim was to highlight the growing climate crisis through a variety of bespoke discussions featured throughout the day on TV broadcast and social media. Noticeable changes were also made on site and included the recycling of used racket strings, reusable cups for cold drinks and zero waste to landfill.

Their aim is to achieve much needed awareness to inspire others to follow suit whilst showcasing the latest in the innovative technologies we now have at our disposal. This in turn creates impactful change whilst shedding light on those best practice brands and sporting organisers which can become a beneficial marketing tool for both parties.


What more can brands do in this space?

Inspiring change is exactly what Tokyo 2020 Olympic Partner and one of our clients Aggreko, is setting out to achieve. As a temporary power and energy solutions company, Aggreko are setting the stage for many of its long-standing clients by developing ground-breaking technologies, and filling the urgent need to provide a more sustainable and renewable solution, at a green sporting event.

A range of new innovative products and services are provided at many of the biggest stages across in the world. 

 No stone is left unturned, which was the message of the partnership announced at the recent 149th Open Championship. A hybrid system was installed that was made up of two renewable microgrids which supplied 100% reliable power without a connection to the grid, powering a fleet of electric vehicles used during the championship. In addition, for the first time in the R&A’s history, all generators on site were entirely fuelled by HVO – a sustainable biodiesel derived from waste and residue feedstock. 

Through a collaboration with the R&A, Mercedes-EQ and Connected Kerb, the project became the focal point within the sustainability zone, positioned at the entrance to the course, stimulated a conversation with golf fans. 

Aside from sustainability and inspiring a new generation,
sport provides the catalyst for a cultural shift
on a wide variety of important topics. 

One great example of this is Olympics and the work conducted by the IOC.

As the Tokyo 2020 Olympics has wrapped up, it’s clear to see the impact that the two weeks will have on both old and new sports. Those newly included in the recent Games each started their Olympic campaign with individual reservations about whether they would provide as much entertainment as the long-standing and high-profile events like the traditional track and field events. As soon as the games began this quickly dissipated and the world was introduced to the likes of new superstars in sports such as Skateboarding and Rock Climbing, who were catapulted into the global spotlight and a new realm of fame. 

Significant moments at an Olympic Games can have a huge impact on sport participation at a global and local level. For example, when the Team GB Women’s Hockey team won gold in Rio 2016, the average hockey club across England grew by 54% – particularly amongst under 16’s. Although some players continued to play with a focus on winning a medal in Tokyo, others decided to use their newfound fame to promote matters close to their hearts such as diversity and inclusion and took positions within the media to further increase their profile and efforts. 

There is a role for brands to play with joining and building on this momentum, which mutually benefits the ambassadors by increasing their profile, but also allows the brands to align with key messaging that a business stands for. 

In recent years, Aggreko have supported LGPA Golfer Mel Reid who champions the message of inclusion and the importance of women in sport. A unique partnership such as this allows Aggreko and Mel to work together and make a difference in areas that matter to them both. 

The promotion of sport around the world with the message of inclusion provides a platform for the quality of sport to grow further, and ultimately also produces a better calibre of sport as a more diverse skill set starts to be included.

The legacy that is created from events such as the Tokyo Olympics and the stars its produced, will result in more fan participation in sport as well as provide help with the plight of increasing diversity and inclusion across sport on a global level. 




TECNO appoints Right Formula for their football partnerships

Right Formula is delighted to announce a strategic marketing partnership with global premier mobile handset and technology leader TECNO following a competitive pitch process.  

The partnership will see Right Formula activate multi-territory digital strategies and campaigns as part of TECNO’s sports sponsorship of Premier League giants Manchester City.

With focus on executing the delivery of audience-led digital content that drives global engagement, share of voice and brand growth across TECNO’s key markets, Right Formula will also offer consultancy across the company’s other marketing verticals to help strengthen its position within the sports sponsorship landscape.

TECNO first partnered with City in 2016 in a bid to grow its strategic marketing and advertising activity across the globe, and now operates in more than 60 emerging markets across Africa, South East Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, Europe and South America. 

Right Formula Founder and CEO, Robin Fenwick, said: “We’re thrilled to be working with TECNO and excited to help digitally activate their partnership with one of the biggest football clubs in the world.


“Our football and digital-related client portfolio continues to expand and we’ve already thoroughly enjoyed working with the TECNO team to help deliver an engaging digital campaign in time for the busiest period of the football calendar over Christmas and New Year.

“In what has been a difficult and uncertain year, we’re delighted to have maintained the relationships we hold with all of our retained clients, and are pleased to add another to our roster ahead of 2021.”  

Danni Xu, CMO of TECNO, added: “With their strategic and digital capabilities, we have no doubt Right Formula are the suited partner to help us achieve our objectives with our important Manchester City partnership.

“Right Formula are highly experienced operators in elite football and in initiating digitally-focused campaigns. Their credentials in this space made them the standout performer in the tender process and the perfect partner for TECNO.

“We now look forward to working with the team throughout a busy final month of the year and in future years.”



Right Formula launches new podcast titled: The Winning Formula

Right Formula is pleased to announce the launch of an exciting new podcast that will tackle the pressing issues dominating the international sport industry. 

Titled The Winning Formula: How to succeed in the business of sport, the podcast will involve key insight from leading names across Sports Sponsorship, Marketing, Brands, Events, Athletes, Public Relations and the Media. Tapping into the unique industry experience of guests, we aim to get under the skin of what it takes to truly succeed in today’s competitive sporting landscape.

The pilot episode, featuring one of Britain’s sporting greats, will be available for download across all major podcast providers, including iTunes, Spotify and the GooglePlay store from Tuesday 26th May.

In its maiden outing, The Winning Formula explores topics such as an athlete’s right to personal marketability at global competitions, purpose-driven sponsorship collaborations, the growing issue of post-competition athlete transition and more. 

Hosted by Right Formula Head of Communications Ben Nichols, who was formerly head of Media Relations for WADA and Director of Communications for the Commonwealth Games Federation, we also speak to Robin Fenwick, Founder and CEO of Right Formula, to preview some of the key talking points with the soon-to-be-revealed main guest.

Speaking about the launch of The Winning Formula podcast, Fenwick said: “We’re delighted to launch our new podcast series which will allow Right Formula to tackle the pressing issues dominating the Sports and Entertainment industry today.

“More than 7 million people in the UK alone now listen to podcasts every week – up nearly 25% on last year, and we believe The Winning Formula will prove to be a great vehicle to discuss the key topics that the Sport and Entertainment industry faces, from the changing world of sponsorship, partnerships with purpose, digital-first strategies, esports and ambassador optimisation.” 



News: Right Formula acquires Marketing Minds

Award-winning global sports and entertainment consultancy Right Formula has begun the new decade with the acquisition of marketing services agency Marketing Minds. The announcement means Right Formula will significantly increase its client base and in-house service offering from 1 February, when the acquisition officially takes effect.

Right Formula, which was founded by CEO Robin Fenwick in 2009, is best known for commercial and activation work with clients including SAP, Epson, Kia Motors, Hilton Hotels, Red Bull, Aggreko, Pirelli, Logitech, Loch Lomond Whiskies and Genpact. With today’s announcement, Marketing Minds’ current clients including ExxonMobil and Dell will now join the Right Formula roster.

The Surrey-based Marketing Minds will relocate to Right Formula’s central London headquarters at the end of the month, bringing with them a wealth of experience in events, hospitality, design and digital. The addition of the Marketing Minds team will further strengthen Right Formula’s existing portfolio, which spans the full sponsorship spectrum. 

Right Formula CEO Robin Fenwick said: “We’re absolutely delighted with this acquisition which consolidates our position on the sports marketing landscape, and I believe is a display of the company’s ambition as we enter 2020.


“At Right Formula we have a team of strategic, dynamic and passionate experts with experience across the sport and entertainment space. We thrive on being indispensable to our clients by helping them achieve outstanding business results through their sports and entertainment partnerships; and, with the acquisition of Marketing Minds, I believe we will be even better placed to do so. This is an incredibly exciting time to be part of the Right Formula story.

“I speak on behalf of the entire company when I say that we can’t wait to welcome the Marketing Minds team through our doors as we look to fulfil our potential in 2020 and beyond.”

Marketing Minds’ outgoing owner, John Stoakes, added: “I’ve personally known Robin for more than two decades and couldn’t think of a more appropriate owner to take forward and enhance the work that Marketing Minds has done since opening for business 26 years ago.

“It was vital for me to find a new structure where our current clients and staff would be in the safest hands as they look to develop their own careers. Given the alignment of our businesses – and track record of best-in-class, indispensable client work – I know that Right Formula, as a fast-growing consultancy, is the perfect solution. I wish Robin and the new team all the very best as they continue their upward trajectory.”

With the addition of the Marketing Minds team, Right Formula now comprises 55 staff across commercial, consumer activation, events, hospitality, internal engagement, PR and digital sectors and with a wide variety of sports and entertainment properties that include Golf, Football, Formula 1, Esports, Rugby, Sailing, Olympics, Formula E, Cirque du Soleil, Moto GP and Extreme Sports.